POA is heading to Philadelphia 6/10

special guests Cornmeal! The Ardmore Theater at 8pm!


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Greetings visitors from other planets. This is your space captain >Matt Abts from “Planet of the Abts,: POA; your crew members are Jorgen Carlsson and T-Bone Andersson! We are fueling up and preparing to launch the second mission, delivering new music to all unsuspecting life forms in a galaxy near you, with YOU!

Many of you know that POA took its maiden voyage in 2012, debuting on planet Earth to critical mass hysteria in North America, South America, and Europe. The release was done under secretive wraps, as to not expose humanity to any life threatening danger. However, Mission 2 is going to release vital information, giving you a backstage pass into Rogers Boat Studio operations. We offer you a personal opportunity to experience the recording process in real time, as the music is being created, offering a glimpse into the interstellar creative thought process of POA — with a dose of just plain good ole monkey business. That’s what monkey men do.

POA would like to extend this opportunity to you, our music mission heads, to help us reach our goals, making you be a key part of this voyage by pledging whatever you feel. Your pledge will come back to you two-fold, three- fold ’cause GAWD is going to heal your pocket, GAWD is going to heal your mind, GAWD is going to put YOU, the pledger, on board the new POA Mission 2. Album title and art work are TOP SECRET…you will be the first to see it.

Take a look around our PledgeMusic page to learn and separate your body from your mind and make this dream mission possible.

Peace and love,

Matt, Jorgen and T-Bone